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At What Age Should You Start Clicker Training For Your Puppies?

Would you like to know what clicker training is? At what age do you think dog owners should start clicker training for their puppies? Click the button below to find out.

What Age Should You Start Clicker Training For Your Puppies

Best Shepherd Dogs for Herding

Would you like to know the best shepherd dogs for herding sheep, goats, and cattle? Click the button below to learn about the best shepherd dog breeds for livestock farming from Agawam Dog Park. 

Best Shepherd Herding Dogs

Dog Training

Agawam Dog Park helps you unleash the full potential of your dog with our professional dog training guides and tips. We will teach obedience, behavior modification, and tricks to help your dog become a well-behaved and happy companion.

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At Agawam Dog Park, we help keep your dog healthy and happy with well-researched guides on balanced diets, exercise, and preventative care. Always watch for signs of illness and address them promptly.

Dog Behavior

Do you want to know why dogs behave the way they do most times or find out Why dog bark and howl when left alone? find out Why dogs pull clothes off the line? Don’t miss the posts we made for you! Stay on top of the Behavioural Tips of the dog world!


This section is about breeds of dogs, their unique characteristics, temperament, history, and other relevant information. It is for people looking to adopt a dog and wants to learn more about different breeds to find one that suits their lifestyle and preferences.

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