Why does my dog always lay on me?

“Why does my dog always lay on me?” That’s a question I have seen on different pet blogs and forums. Today, I will try as much as I can to provide some reasons for the dog’s behavior.

Surely you’ve wondered why your dog always likes to lay on you, haven’t you? This is normal and safe behavior for both the owner and the pet. Check out some of the reasons why your dog always lays on you.

Why does my dog always lay on me?

It is normal for your dog to constantly lay on you. Whether laying next to the owner, on your bed, or on your feet, each of these situations represents a state of mind for the pet.

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1. Expression of affection and love

Laying on the owner is one of the ways dogs express their love and affection for their owners. In addition, dogs may lay on you as a sign of emotional support when they discover that you are sad, upset, or in pain.

2. Seeking security and protection

As human beings need security and protection, puppies may also lie on the owner’s bed, body, and leg, or be close to the owner for protection. If you just adopted a puppy and he spends every night sleeping with you, that means he is seeking protection and security.

For instance! The absence of the parents soon after weaning makes the puppies look for a figure that can protect them while they adapt to a new environment.

3. Desire to draw attention

Are you that busy dog owner who tends to spend most of the day away from home? Then you shouldn’t be surprised when your dog lays on you whenever you are around. What makes the pet sleep next to you or lay on you is the need for attention and the desire to attract attention. This is how your pet shows he misses you.

4. A warm place to sleep

The cold is an external element that makes the dog lay on you or sleep close to the owner. Human body temperature creates a warm and cozy environment for the dog to escape the cold winter nights. So don’t blame him for coming to sleep on your body.

5. Territory marking

If you have a dog that would constantly wants to lay on your body or sleep on your feet, this behavior is known as “territorial marking.” The pet does this to let the other animals know that the owner actually belongs to him. That’s funny, but some dogs are so brilliant and jealous whenever they see another animal trying to win their owner’s attention.

Is it bad to sleep with dogs?

No! Sleeping on your body or allowing your dog to lie on your bed isn’t harmful to either the dog or the owner. However, if this becomes a constant routine for the dog, I will ask you to buy him toys to help deter his mind from always needing to lay on you. Another option is to reward positive behavior with delicious snacks.

Does your dog have the habit of lying on your body or sleeping close to you? Be sure to tell us how you handle this situation in the comment section.


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